Sunscape is looking for lands to purchase or lease. Land must be at least one acre in size and have one of the following characteristics:

  • industrial lands
  • agricultural lands within 500 m from an industrial area or facilities
  • agricultural lands within 300 m from highways
  • retired quarries
  • agricultural lands within 500 m from quarries or mines
  • agricultural lands more than 500 m away from protected assets

In addition, we are interested in lease roofs of buildings and sheds, with a minimum area of 5000 square meters, for the construction of photovoltaic systems to serve Renewable Energy Communities (Comunità Energetiche Rinnovabili).
If you think your land is suitable, please contact us to receive a free offer.

If you know someone who owns potentially suitable lands, help us get in touch with the owner. We provide a reward to land brokers if an agreement is reached.

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