Sunscape offers turnkey consulting, design and implementation services to those who wish to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of single-family homes, villas or condominiums. In addition, we offer citizens living in the vicinity of our photovoltaic systems under development the opportunity to participate in our Renewable Energy Communities in Italy to obtain advantageous energy supply contracts. Finally, Sunscape provides advice and assistance for home energy efficiency through replacement of heating, cooling and hot water systems, application of thermal coats, replacement of windows and doors, and implementation of solar thermal systems for hot water production.



Sunscape offre diverse soluzioni per aziende che vogliono partecipare alla transizione ecologica e trarne vantaggi economici:

  • we design and build rooftop photovoltaic systems with and without storage systems, tailored to provide companies with significant savings on their utility bills;
  • we lease at favorable prices industrial rooftops of at least 5000 m2 for the construction of photovoltaic systems for energy sale;
  • we offer companies in the vicinity of our under-development photovoltaic plants the opportunity to participate in our Renewable Energy Communities to obtain advantageous energy supply contracts.


Renewable energy companies can acquire ready-to-build photovoltaic systems from Sunscape that are professionally designed and complete with interconnection rights, permits, and supply, installation, operation, and maintenance agreements. If required, Sunscape can also take charge of directing the construction of the plant. In addition, we are open to collaborations with other renewable energy projects developers. If you are a developer and have a project in the early stages of development, we can take it to the ready-to-build stage together. This will give you access to our capital, expertise and resources, while preserving control over your project and much of the financial benefits. This will allow you to reduce your risk and use your resources more efficiently and over a larger portfolio.

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